About Us

About Compass Auto Japan:

Direct from Japan we are selling top quality Jimny custom parts worldwide. Our products are mainly TANIGUCHI, Japan's number one Jimny custom parts supplier. All our products are authentic and of exceptional quality.

We are based in Himeji, Japan near the TANIGUCHI office. Our staff are Japanese and Canadian outdoor enthusiasts. We are closed Wednesdays, Saturdays and Japanese national holidays. We are also closed for a few days in May, August and New Year’s Day.

Our manager AKAGI Junya worked as an outdoor guide in Japan for many years and started a business with Taniguchi’s manager in order to deliver the best Japanese parts to Jimny lovers around the world.



Our Products

We ship Japanese top quality aftermarket parts to Jimny enthusiast worldwide. Only high quality items are selected from Japan. They transform your Jimny into a captivating, unique automobile that runs on all terrain.

Jimny has 2 categories in Japan; Kei-car and Sierra. Kei-car (JB64/JB23/JB22/JB12/JA11/JA71/SJ30) has a 660cc engine. And Sierra (JB74/JB43/JB33/JB32/JB31/JA51/SJ40) has a 1.3 or 1.5L engine, the same as the international models. Our products are designed for Sierra and some products work for the Kei-car as well. They are designed for RHD (Right Hand Drive) and JDM (Japan Domestic Market). We hope that most will fit international models and LHD (Left Hand Drive) but we have not tested their compatibility yet. Please ensure that the part you are purchasing is compatible with your vehicle prior to ordering.

All products are designed by Japanese companies and most are made in Japan.