About Taniguchi



TANIGUCHI is Japan's leading Jimny custom parts supplier since 1983. The products are the most popular Jimny aftermarket parts in Japan.

TANIGUCHI spends a lot of time testing, with leading manufacturers and test drivers. We have the highest quality products in Japan such as top quality suspensions and drivetrains that enhance off-road performance. The products not only improve off-road performance, but also provide a stylish exterior that looks so cool. The rich interior provides a wonderful space, for off-road driving, high-speed driving, long-distance driving, and everyday life. Whether you are driving in the country or in the city, TANIGUCHI products provide the best Jimny performance.



About TANIGUCHI Products:

  • TANIGUCHI original products such as guards/protections and most of the interior and exterior products are made in TANIGUCHI's own factory in Himeji, Japan.
  • TANIGUCHI has co-developed products for 35 years with top companies such as KYB for shock absorbers, Chuhatsu for springs, OS-Giken for LSDs, and HKS for mufflers.
  • TANIGUCHI also uses other Japanese parts suppliers to produce some products such as suspension parts by NA-NO’S, the bump stop by Showa Garage, and brake pads by Project μ(mu).