Installation & Warranty

-- Product Installation --

 Most of our products come with instruction manuals in Japanese only, but a lot of instruction manuals have photos. We believe you will be able to install the products by looking at the photos. However, we suggest that if you don’t have experience installing parts then have the part installed by an experienced professional. We will accept no responsibility for parts incorrectly installed.



-- Warranty --

Our products are only of the highest quality, carefully selected, and are all fully tested. We do believe they are tough, durable, and hard to break. However, we do not take any responsibility for product failure, repair, or damage resulting from use. Buyers and users of the products must accept the risks associated with installation and use. Also, we are not responsible for any products you purchase that are passed on to a third party, including your mechanic.

Our products are only made by the leading Japanese manufacturers and are guaranteed by the manufacturers. However, the manufacturer's warranty is often limited to Japan. Please note that the buyer may be responsible for the shipping charges for round trips from overseas even if the manufacturer's warranty is applied due to a breakdown or recall. We will try our best for your satisfaction. However, please understand that due to the nature of international transactions, it may be difficult to provide the same level of support as in Japan, in some cases.