OSAKA AUTO MESSE, one of the biggest auto shows in Japan, was held on February 11-13th, and we participated in it as staff. Unfortunately, not so many visitors came due to COVID-19, but we heard about 74,000 people visited in total. We hope the auto shows will have more visitors next year.


FERRARI and military vehicles were also on display.


TANIGUCHI's Jimnys. Off-road Service TANIGUCHI is our shop's most popular brand.


TANIGUCHI will release these two types of Heavy-duty Steel Front Bumpers soon.


SHOWA GARAGE's manager Mr. IKAMI (left), our shop's owner Mr. AKAGI (right).


It was a good opportunity to talk directly to some of the staff of our contract manufacturers. Good relationships with Japan's leading Jimny parts manufacturers are our treasure. Also, we are pleased that our customers around the world purchase our Japanese products every day!

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