We are shipping to almost all countries worldwide now. 

-- Shipping Cost --

Please click on “ADD TO CART” for the item(s) you want, check "terms and conditions", and click on "I agree to the terms and conditions". Then go to “CHECK OUT”, and enter your address. Or, click on “BUY IT NOW” and enter your address. Next, go to "Continue to shipping" and you will see the shipping cost on the next page.

In some cases, "can’t be shipped to your address", "temporarily suspended", or "isn't available right now" will be displayed, but it will still be possible to deliver your order in most cases. If you see these “can’t ship” messages, please contact us, and we will send you a quote.

We charge nearly the same shipping fee as the actual shipping charges. We do not profit from shipping fees. Therefore, if multiple products are purchased at the same time, shipping fees will be lower than purchasing them separately. Also, as we have access to good rates, our shipping fee is usually cheaper than if the purchaser arranges the shipment.

For international orders (shipping outside Japan), your order will not ship until all products can be sent together if you purchase multiple products and one or more of the products are out of stock. If you would like only the products in stock soon, please contact us. We can ship them separately, however, please note there is an additional shipping cost if your order is shipped in two parts.

Our shipping cost calculation system automatically calculates the shipping cost based on the EMS shipping rate and the shipping quotes for carts are estimates. Our shipping cost calculation system is not guaranteed. If shipping by EMS is not possible, or in the case of orders for multiple large-size products, there may be additional shipping charges in some cases. Shipping may be delayed if services to the area are temporarily suspended or otherwise difficult.



-- Shipping Companies --

Orders will be shipped by EMS (Express Mail Service), DHL, UPS, or FedEx which track all products. Our experienced international shipping team chooses the best shipping company depending on the situation. EMS's shipping fees are determined by weight, and the fees of DHL, UPS, and FedEx are determined by size or weight. Also, oversize charges and size restrictions vary by company.

In case the package is small or heavy, there is little difference in shipping costs depending on the shipping company. Therefore, we ship via DHL, UPS, or FedEx in most of these cases, because they are faster and better quality than EMS. However, if the package is light, but it is large, the cost of DHL, UPS, or FedEx will be much higher than EMS. In that case, your package will be shipped by EMS, if you don't notify us about using a specific shipping company. If you would like a specific shipping company, please inform us at the time of purchase. Please note that there may be an additional shipping cost depending on the company.

EMS size restrictions are stricter than those of other companies, so large items such as bumpers or roof racks cannot be shipped by EMS. These items will be shipped via DHL, UPS, or FedEx.



-- Shipping Suspended Areas --

In certain areas, shipping has been temporarily suspended, or delivery to certain areas might be difficult at the present. We cannot ship to US military bases (APO/FPO) due to security reasons in some cases. Also, we cannot ship to PO Boxes in certain countries.



-- Domestic Shipping in Japan --

We also ship products to addresses in Japan. If your shipping address is in Japan, the orders will be shipped by Japan Post, SAGAWA, YAMATO, or SEINO which track all products. Please note that the purchaser will be fully responsible for any subsequent international shipment of the products. Procedures such as submitting a certificate may be required in some cases, but we do not issue receipts or certifications. In addition, some products are shipped directly from the manufacturer if the shipping address is in Japan, and the packaging used may not be suitable for international shipping. There may be additional shipping costs to deliver to private homes.



-- Shipping Hazardous Materials --

Japan has strict export regulations and air transport safety standards which makes it difficult to export gas dampers such as shock absorbers or door dampers from Japan. These items cannot be shipped via EMS due to their dangerous goods regulations. However, we have a manufacturer's safety certificate and we have FedEx, UPS, and DHL accounts, so we are exporting gas dampers worldwide from Japan. However, please note that certain countries have import restrictions. Also, the purchaser will be fully responsible if they undertake shipment of our products themselves.