We are shipping to almost all countries worldwide now. Orders will be shipped by EMS (Express Mail Service), DHL, UPS, or FedEx which track all products. Delivery is still a bit slow due to COVID-19, but it has almost returned to normal.


-- Shipping Cost --

Please go to "ADD CART" then "CHECK OUT", and then enter your address. Or, go to "BUY IT NOW", and enter your address. Next, go to "Continue to shipping" and you will see the shipping cost on the next page.

In some cases, "can’t be shipped to your address", "temporarily suspended", or "isn't available right now" will be displayed, but it will still be possible to deliver your order in most cases. If you see these "can't ship" messages, please contact us, then we will send you a quote.

We choose the best shipping company depending on the situation. If you would like a specific shipping company, please let us know when you purchase. Please note there may be an additional shipping cost depending on the company.

We charge nearly the same shipping fee as the actual shipping charges. We are not profiting from the shipping fee. Therefore, it's possible that the shipping cost will be discounted if you purchase multiple products at the same time. Also, our accounts have good rates, so the shipping fee is usually cheaper than arranging the shipment by yourself. 

Our shipping cost calculation system is imperfect, and the shipping quotes in your cart are estimates. If shipping by EMS is not possible, or in the case of orders for multiple large-size products, there may be additional shipping charges. In certain areas, shipping has been temporarily suspended, or delivery to certain areas might be difficult at the present.



-- Domestic Shipping in Japan --

We are able to ship the products to your address in Japan as well. Please note you should take full responsibility if you wish to ship our products internationally by yourself. Procedures such as submitting a certificate may be required in some cases. In addition, some products will be shipped directly from the manufacturer if your shipping address is in Japan. Their packing is good enough for domestic shipping in Japan, but may not be good enough for international shipping. There may be additional shipping costs to deliver to private homes.



-- Shipping Hazardous Materials --

Japan has strict export regulations and air transport safety standards, making it difficult to export gas dampers such as shock absorbers from Japan. However, we have a manufacturer's safety certificate and we have FedEx, UPS, and DHL accounts, so we can export gas dampers worldwide from Japan. Please note that certain countries may have import restrictions.