Tire Size Compatibility


Please refer to this page of Tire Size Compatibility For Lifted Jimny when deciding the conformity of tires. We hope this page helps you. If the combination of lift amount and tire size is not good, various problems will occur. Choosing the right tire size for your lift is important. Also, please note even normal city driving requires the installation of the correct suspension kit, including the necessary correction parts if you would like to install larger-size tires. We are sorry, but we do not offer advice on tire compatibility. In all circumstances, it is recommended to consult a professional tire shop or mechanic when fitting large tires to a lifted Jimny.


NOTE 1: Tire sizes may vary by manufacturer and type. Vehicles also may have individual differences. Also, depending on the type of Jimny, the shape of the frame may be slightly different, so trimming the body may be required and the compatibility may vary. In addition, conditions may vary depending on wheel type, width, inset, etc in some cases.

NOTE 2: Tire sizes listed may not be available in some countries or regions. Also, some tires in sizes other than those listed on this page are being sold.

NOTE 3: If you increase the tire size, the speedometer display will show a lower speed than the actual speed. Please be careful not to get a speeding ticket, and more importantly, don't get in a traffic accident.

NOTE 4: On some vehicles, especially JDM K-cars, the tires may protrude from the body. Wider fenders may be required depending on the country or region's rules and laws.

NOTE 5: We do not sell tires, and we are sorry, but we cannot answer any inquiries regarding tire compatibility. So please contact a tire specialty store for details. Choosing your tires is your own responsibility.

NOTE 6: This page is researched and created by Compass Auto Japan. These data include not only actual measurements but calculated figures as well, and we do not guarantee the compatibility of tires with your Jimny. Also, we will not be responsible for any incorrect information.


Tire Size Compatibility For Lifted Suspension

- 15-inch Tires --

Tire Size Diameter 0-inch 1-inch 2-inch 3-inch 4-inch 5-inch Note
205/70R15 668mm Good Good - - - -
195/80R15 693mm Good Good - - - -
225/70R15 696mm OK Good Good - - -
215/75R15 704mm OK Good Good - - -
215/80R15 725mm No OK Good Good - -
235/75R15 734mm No OK Good Good - - *1
225/80R15 741mm No OK Good Good - - *1
9.5R15 756mm - No OK Good Good - *1
10.5R15 787mm - No OK Good Good - *2


-- 16-inch Tires --

Tire size Diameter 0-inch  1-inch 2-inch 3-inch 4-inch 5-inch Note
175/80R16 686mm Good Good - - - -
215/65R16 686mm Good Good - - - -
235/60R16 688mm Good  Good Good - - -
215/70R16 707mm OK Good Good - - -
185/85R16 721mm OK Good Good - - -
195R16 720mm OK OK Good Good - -
205R16 736mm No OK Good Good - -
225/70R16 721mm No OK Good Good - -
205/80R16 734mm No OK Good Good - -
235/70R16 735mm No OK Good Good - - *1
225/75R16 744mm - No OK Good Good - *1
6.5R16 763mm - No OK Good Good - *1
245/70R16 749mm - No OK Good Good - *2
215/85R16 772mm - No No OK Good Good *2
255/70R16 764mm - - No OK Good Good *2
245/75R16 774mm - - - No OK Good *2
7.0R16 782mm - - - No OK Good *2
265/75R16 805mm - - - No OK Good *2
235/85R16 806mm - - - No OK Good *2
285/70R16 806mm - - - No OK Good *2
7.5R16 820mm - - - No OK Good *3
285/75R16 835mm - - - - No OK *3


-- 18-inch Tires --

Tire Size Diameter 0-inch  1-inch 2-inch 3-inch 4-inch 5-inch Note
225/50R18 682mm Good Good - - - -
215/55R18 694mm OK Good Good - - -
235/50R18 692mm OK Good Good - - -
225/55R18 716mm No OK Good Good - -
225/60R18 727mm No OK Good Good - -


Good: Recommended.

OK: Tires can be installed, but in some cases, the tires touch the body. Extended bump stops may be required. Also, trimming the fender or bumper, or replacing the bumper especially the front bumper with an aftermarket thin type may be required. Wheel spacers may be required if the front tires touch the frame.

No: It may be possible to install the tires only when the car is stopped. However, there is a high possibility that the tires will touch the body when driving, so it is not recommended especially for off-road driving. Safe driving may not be possible, and this tire size is not recommended.


*1 Trimming the fender or bumper, or replacing the bumper especially the front bumper with an aftermarket thin type is required since the tire may contact the fender. Also, extended bump stops may be required as well.

*2 In addition to the above *1, modifications such as suspension adjustments (e.g. replacing radial arms with extended type, or lifting body) are required.

*3 It is difficult to install on Jimny other than JB74 (2018-present) in some cases.