Cancellation & Returns

-- Cancellation --

It is possible to cancel your order even after placing the order. However, please aware that we will charge a cancellation fee of 4% of the order value. Even if the reason for cancellation is due to the delivery date or shipping fee, the cancellation fee will be charged.

In some cases, pre-orders and manufacturer's stock orders cannot be canceled after placing the order. Also, please note that custom made-to-order products cannot be canceled after placing the order. Cancellation may not be possible after shipment. In that case, please check the procedures for "Returns" below. Even if it is possible to cancel your order after shipment, shipping charges will not be refunded.


-- Returns --

We trust that you will be satisfied with our products. However, we will accept returns within 14 days after you receive them. You must contact us within 7 days of receiving the goods if you wish to return them. Items must be in new condition and returned in their original packaging.

  • If the item you received differs significantly from your order or if there is any apparent defective product, it can be returned. The product price will be refunded, including the round-trip shipping cost and taxes. In that case, you should hold on to the products, packaging materials, and package boxes. However, please note that there may be a partial or full refund of the product price in some cases instead of a replacement. Manufacturers often change specifications without notice. A refund may not be accepted in the case of slight specification changes, except when the specifications of the product are completely changed. Please note that even if the customer returns the product to our shop with what they consider to be a defective product, all shipping costs and taxes will be borne by the customer if the manufacturer or our shop does not identify it as a defective product.
  • If the buyer wishes to return the product for any reason other than those above, or if the item is returned due to customs regulations, or the item is undeliverable or refused upon delivery, then the buyer shall be responsible for all return shipping costs. Also, if the buyer purchases a product without checking its compatibility with the car, then the buyer is liable for all return postage costs. We will only refund the cost of the product and not the shipping fees and taxes.
  • There will be no returns on products that show any evidence of use. The same applies to products that have been installed or were attempted to be installed. However, in some cases we may accept the return of a used product in exchange for a partial refund of the purchase price. Please consult with us.

Note 1: Returning products to our shop can be arranged by the buyer or by our shop. However, please note that if we arrange the return shipping, the cost will be slightly higher than the shipping fee at the time of purchase. If we arrange the return, we will process the exemption of import duties and taxes at the time of return, so such duties and taxes will not be charged in Japan in many cases.
However, import duties and taxes may occur in Japan if the buyer arranges the return. In that case, please note that they will be billed to the buyer later.

Note 2: Even if the customer returns the product to us in new condition, we may offer only a partial refund of the product price in some cases if we or the manufacturer identifies the product as not being in new condition. For example, even if the product is unused, if the package is damaged or has been opened, repacking costs, etc. will be incurred, and only a partial refund will be offered.