Compatibility & Use

-- Product Compatibility --

Please research for yourself and ensure that the part you are purchasing is compatible with your vehicle prior to ordering.

There are two categories of Suzuki Jimny in Japan; the Kei-car and the Sierra. The Kei-car (JB64, 23, JA22, 12, 11, 71, SJ30) has a 660cc or 550cc engine. The Sierra (JB74, 43, 33, 32, 31, JA51, SJ40) has a 1.5L or 1.3L engine, which is the same as the international models that are also known as the SAMURAI or the SJ413.

Our products are designed for RHD (right-hand drive) vehicles which are sold in the Japanese Domestic Market, and accordingly our products are designed for use in Japan. Although we are aware that most of our products also fit international models and LHD (left-hand drive) vehicles, and that our products have been installed without issue on such vehicles, our products are not designed for use outside of Japan. Accordingly, we make no warranty or guarantee regarding the suitability or compatibility of our products outside of Japan.

It should be noted that the same model of vehicle may have slightly different specifications depending on the country or region due to the local environment or laws. We do not test the compatibility of our products with Jimny vehicles sold in countries and regions outside of Japan. In addition, neither we nor the manufacturers of our products have ever installed any of our products on Jimny models outside of Japan.

In most cases, data regarding the compatibility of products made by different suppliers is not available. For example, we have not tested the combination of a bumper from Company A and a muffler from Company B, so we do not guarantee the compatibility of combinations.

Although our shop and the manufacturers have a variety of compatibility information, there may be cases where it cannot be installed due to reasons that are unpredictable to our shop or the manufacturers, such as individual vehicle differences or changes in specifications. You may contact us if you have any concerns or questions about compatibility. However, please note that we may not be able to answer inquiries about compatibility in many cases.


-- Design --

The colors of the products in the photos or the videos may look different from the actual products depending on the condition of the photos, camera settings, and the type of displays. Due to the characteristics of the online shop, it is impossible to perfectly convey all the colors and features of the products. In particular, we are unable to answer inquiries regarding colors, as individual perceptions vary greatly. The specifications and design of the logo, etc. of the listed products may be subject to change for improvement.


-- Product Installation and Use --

Our products are not designed for use outside of Japan. Therefore, most of our products come with instruction manuals in Japanese only. Please check the instruction manuals thoroughly and completely before beginning installation. Some instruction manuals include photos, so an experienced person may be able to install the products by looking at the photos. However, we recommend that our products be installed by an experienced professional. We will accept no responsibility for parts incorrectly installed.

Although our products have been used outside of Japan without any problem, we do not guarantee that our products can be used internationally or will pass local inspections. We and our suppliers do not guarantee successful installation and use, which is entirely at the purchaser’s own risk. Also, please note that our products are not designed for use on public roads outside of Japan.

Off-road driving and racing are activities that have risks. Our products are manufactured by Japan's leading manufacturers with due attention to safety, but we do not guarantee safety. Safe driving is the responsibility of the driver of the vehicle, which requires effort and attention. Please note that we will not be held responsible for any damage caused by unsafe driving.