Almost half of our products are stocked in our warehouse. We will usually ship them within 1-3 business days after confirmation of your payment. However, some of the following products are not stocked in our warehouse.

Large-size products: Some large-size products such as bumpers, wheels, and roof racks are manufacturer's stock and our shop will order them after your purchase, so the order will take 4-6 days to ship.
Pre-order sale products: Some wheels are pre-order sales and the orders may take 3-6 months or more to ship.
Made-to-order products: The orders will take a few weeks to ship.
Some others: Some products are on backorder and the orders may take several weeks or more to ship.

If your order will take more than four business days to ship, we will contact you after your purchase to inform you of the shipping date. We understand how you feel about having to wait for them, but we hope they will be delivered to you ASAP, and we thank you for your patience.