1. More than half of our products are stocked in our warehouse. We will usually ship them within 1-4 business days after confirmation of your payment. However, some of the following products are not stocked in our warehouse.

 - Large-size products: Some large-size products such as bumpers, mufflers, suspension kits, wheels, and roof racks are manufacturer's stock and our shop will order them after your purchase, so the order will take 5-7 days to ship.
 - Pre-order sale products: Some wheels are pre-order sales and the orders may take 3-6 months or more to ship.
 - Made-to-order products: The orders will take a few weeks to ship.
 - Others: Some products are on backorder and the orders may take several weeks or more to ship.

2. If your order will take more than four business days to ship, we will contact you after your purchase to inform you of the shipping date. We strive to have orders delivered as soon as possible, and we thank you for your patience. However, the arrival and shipping schedules are approximate and may be delayed depending on the situation. We are not responsible for losses incurred as the result of delayed shipment, or non-delivery by any carrier for any reason.

3. You can contact us to inquire about stock availability if you require an order soon and want to be sure all items are in stock prior to ordering. Some products on our website are manufacturers' stock or on backorder and we don't have them in our warehouse in some cases. But if you would like to confirm availability, please contact us and we can check up on stock status for you.

4. We cannot hold stock that has not been ordered. If you wish to ensure being able to receive a product but for whatever reason it cannot be shipped yet or you don't wish to receive it yet, please place your order first. Once products have been ordered, we can hold them for you until the shipping date. Please understand that we do not hold stock that has not been ordered.

5. We do not provide a stock monitoring service. Our shop sells over 3,000 items, some with different colors and specifications, about half of which are manufacturers' stock or made-to-order products. It is difficult for us to keep track of stock availability; therefore, we do not provide any service of notification when products are in stock. If you are in a hurry and wish to confirm stock status of products prior to ordering, please contact us and we can check the status for you, as stated in article 3 above. We also sell on other sites, and our stock is constantly changing.

6. Even if the product description does not state that the item is the manufacturer's stock or out of stock, they are out of stock in some cases. We are sorry, but in recent years, we have been reducing our physical inventory of products for Jimny that were manufactured before 2018. Many of these products may be in the manufacturer's stock and can still be ordered but will require extra time to ship.

7. Some of the products we listed have been discontinued and sold out in very rare cases. We cannot ship these products in that case, therefore, we will refund you.