Who We Are

DIRECT FROM JAPAN TO ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD, our shop is selling top-quality Jimny parts. We are a small online shop but we’re an authorized dealer that has a good relationship with Japan's leading Jimny parts suppliers. In particular, we have been working with Off-road Service TANIGUCHI, a manufacturer very famous for Jimny's suspensions and drivetrain parts, for over 15 years. Our staff sometimes supports 4WD events in Japan. We also help Jimny's magazine coverage and advise Jimny's parts suppliers about product development etc.

Our staff is Japanese and Canadian outdoor enthusiasts. Our owner AKAGI Junya loves outdoor activities all over the world and also worked as an outdoor guide in Japan. He started a business in order to deliver the best Japanese parts to Jimny lovers around the world. We would be happy if we could help to transform your Jimny into a captivating, unique automobile that runs on all-terrain and excites you!



Mr. Akagi, our shop's owner with Mr. Taniguchi, a director of Off-road Service TANIGUCHI, and Mr. Ikami, a manager of SHOWA GARAGE.


-- Our Policy --

"Customer First" is our policy. Your satisfaction is our priority. We comply with the law, are courteous to our customers, and offer our services for their satisfaction. We are available to help you to choose the products, purchase them, and arrange their delivery to you. As a Jimny specialty store in Japan, we will give appropriate advice to our customers based on accurate information. If you have any concerns or questions, please contact us. We are happy to help you. Our duty is to deliver high-quality and high-performance Jimny parts to you and make you happy.


-- Our eBay Shop --

You can purchase our products from our eBay shop as well. However, please note the price on our eBay shop is higher than this webshop due to the high eBay fee.


-- Shop Information --

Shop Name (English): Compass Auto
Shop Name (Registered in Japan): コンパスオート
Owner Name (English): AKAGI, Junya
Owner Name (Registered in Japan): 赤木淳也
Email: info@compassauto.jp
URL: https://compassauto.jp
Address: 1-6-1 Mitachi-higashi, Himeji, Hyogo 670-0072 Japan
Tel & Fax: 079-244-1330

We are closed Saturdays, Sundays, some Wednesdays, and Japanese national holidays. We are also closed for several days in May, August, and around New Year’s Day. Your orders will be shipped from our office in Himeji or our warehouse in Tokyo or Osaka.

Our shop doesn't have a showroom and is only selling the products on the website. We don't have a shop front or mechanic service. Also, we only accept orders via website or email. Please note that we do not accept orders by phone or fax except for the B to B trade in Japan.