Our Products

Our products are only products that our staff and our advisers are using, have used, or have tested by ourselves, and above all, they are the products we are able to and would like to recommend to you as Jimny professionals. Our products are well-tested, high-quality products only!

  • Carefully Selected: Our products are mainly TANIGUCHI, SHOWA GARAGE, APIO, JAOS, RV4 WILD GOOSE, HIGH-BRIDGE FIRST, etc., Japan's leading Jimny parts suppliers. We have a good relationship with the 4x4 industry in Japan, and our products are carefully selected based on our experience and reliable information from professionals.
  • Satisfy You: Our products are mainly products that satisfy many general Jimny owners. Some products may only be suitable for passionate racers or maniac enthusiasts, but if this is the case, it is indicated in the product description. Other than that, we rarely handle products that are biased or have a sharp reputation. We are confident that our products will satisfy your needs.
  • Laws & Regulations: All of our products meet strict Japanese automobile laws and regulations. They are high quality, durable, safe, and environmentally designed. We do not sell illegal products that do not comply with strict Japanese vehicle inspections. 
  • Authentic: All of our products are authentic. They are purchased directly from Japan's leading manufacturers or trustable wholesalers. We do not deal in any counterfeit or copy products or products that infringe design rights. Also, we do not deal in any products that are suspected of these either.
  • Japanese: All of our products are designed and engineered by Japanese companies and a lot of them are made in Japan. Some of our products use foreign brand parts or there are also some foreign-made products, but all of them are manufactured by Japanese manufacturers for the Japanese market according to Japanese standards. They are well-tested and inspected in Japan.


-- Used Products --

If you are looking for products that are discontinued, we can help you to find used products in Japan. We ship good condition JDM (Japan Domestic Market) used products worldwide. Depending on the shape of the products, it is also possible to make made-to-order reinforced cardboard or wooden boxes.

We will inform you as much as possible about the condition and compatibility of used products prior to ordering. However, we cannot guarantee anything after purchasing. Please note that due to the characteristics of used products, the condition may be worse than expected, or the compatibility may differ from the expected. Also, used products cannot be canceled or returned after placing the order.

Please note that the price of the used products is almost the same as new products or higher in some cases. If you are looking for a current product, please purchase a new one. Please feel free to contact us if you are looking for high-quality JDM used products.


-- Badges --

Our products are marked with badges based on our experience or manufacturers' tests. These are assigned based on the following criteria, and we hope that they will be helpful to you when purchasing products. However, please note that these standards do not guarantee condition or customer satisfaction. Also, for products such as interior and exterior products that are subject to individual preferences, "Heavy-duty" may be indicated, but "Recommended" is not indicated. All our products are well-selected, high-quality, and reliable ones only. Please choose these products based on what you like.

(1) Recommended: These are excellent products that are recognized by our staff, the manufacturer, and many people in the Jimny industry.
(2) Highly Recommended: Highly recommended products among the above. We recommend them with confidence.
(3) Staff Pick: Their usefulness to you will vary, depending on your preferences and needs. However, they are a favorite of some of our staff and some Jimny enthusiasts.
(4) Heavy-duty: The products are more durable than similar products from other companies. Strong enough for general off-road driving.
(5) Extra Heavy-duty: The extremely durable products that can be also recommended for various off-road races or intense off-road adventures.
(6) Waterproof: The products that meet dustproof and waterproof standards (IP68 or IP67) by the manufacturers' test.


-- Brands --

Customizing the Jimny is very popular in Japan, and there are more than 100 suppliers which sell a lot of aftermarket parts for Jimny. We only sell brands that produce proven and reliable products. You can customize your own Jimny according to your taste and purpose.