-- Delivery and Customs Clearance Procedures --

Shipping is door-to-door service. Our experienced international shipping team and the shipping company are happy to deliver the products you are purchasing directly to your address. Also, the shipping company usually carries out most of the import and customs clearance procedures and payments for the import duties and taxes.

However, please understand that import and customs clearance procedures are the importer's (your) responsibility. Please note that certain countries may have import restrictions. Also, importers must have an import license in some countries. We can help with these, but the final responsibility rests with the purchaser.

If the item is returned to Japan due to import restrictions, or inadequate import procedures, then it is the buyer's responsibility to cover all return shipping costs. We will only refund the cost of the product and not the shipping fees. In some cases, please note that the buyer is responsible for both the shipping cost from Japan to the buyer's country and the return shipping cost from the buyer's country to Japan.

We are not responsible for losses incurred as the result of delayed shipment, or non-delivery by any carrier for any reason.



-- Shipping Duration (days) --

East Asia 3 - 14 1 - 5
South East Asia
Australia, NZ
4 - 20 1 - 7
Rest of Asia 5 - 23 2 - 8
USA, Canada
5 - 20 2 - 7
EU 3 - 16 2 - 6
Rest of EU, Russia 5 - 20 3 - 8
Central America
Middle East
6 - 28 3 - 9
South America
7 - 30 4 - 10