TANIGUCHI Side Steps became compatible with any JB74.



Some models after JB74 type 3 (2022-present) have soundproof covers in the place where the mounting stays will be attached, so we were not able to install these Side Steps. However, the specifications of TANIGUCHI Side Steps for JB74 have been changed recently and they have also become compatible with models after JB74 type 3. However, please note the following things:

Our products are designed for RHD (right-hand drive) vehicles which are sold in the Japanese Domestic Market, and accordingly our products are designed for use in Japan. However, we have sold these Side Steps for Jimny more than 30 times including to LHD (left-hand drive) countries. And most of our customers including in LHD countries have already installed these products without any issues. However, it should be noted that the same model of vehicle may have slightly different specifications depending on the country or region due to the local environment or laws. For example, we've received reports that they are incompatible with some JB74 in certain areas due to an extra section welded to the area where the sidestep is supposed to be mounted.

Our shop and the manufacturer do not test the compatibility of our products with Jimny vehicles sold in countries and regions outside of Japan. In addition, neither we nor the manufacturers of our products have ever installed any of our products on Jimny models outside of Japan. Accordingly, we make no warranty or guarantee regarding the suitability or compatibility of our products outside of Japan.

You may contact us if you have any concerns or questions about compatibility. However, please note that we may not be able to answer inquiries about compatibility in many cases. please research for yourself and ensure that the part you are purchasing is compatible with your vehicle prior to ordering.

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