The next arrival for SHOWA GARAGE Premium Leather Armrest Vintage Black Color is delayed.


SHOWA GARAGE Premium Leather Armrest Vintage Black Color has been sold out and the next arrival is delayed. The manufacturer has been changing the specifications of this Armrest for a couple of months now. The color and fabric of this Armrest used to be similar to the SHOWA GARAGE Premium Leather Seat Covers Black Color. However, they wished to make it even more similar, so they are trying to change the specifications so that it would be almost the same finish. Initially, it was planned that the new model would be completed and ready for sale in a few months. However, it seems difficult to make the texture and color the same. They made several prototypes, but none of them have the same finish yet. Therefore, the finished product is not ready yet, and it may take a few other months until the next shipment arrives.

We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience.

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