The prices of GRACE Classic Seat Covers have been discounted!


We've lowered the prices of GRACE Classic Leather Seat Covers and Classic Leather Houndstooth Seat Covers. Because the manufacturer has changed the B2B prices of these Classic Seat Covers only.

However, recent price hikes have led to an increase in the price of various commodities. Also, these products are the manufacturer's stock. The orders will take several days or more to ship. Please note the order will take several weeks or more to ship. The manufacturer GRACE has a lot of seat cover orders now, and some of their manufacturer's stock products are sold out and on backorder at the present. Manufacturers are increasing production, but these are high-quality products made in Japan, and it is sometimes difficult to mass-produce them while maintaining good quality.

We suggest and ask that you place your order early, and we thank you for your patience and understanding.
We look forward to your purchase!


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