Terms & Conditions

The following terms and conditions apply to all purchases from Compass Auto. The placement of an order shall be deemed as full acceptance of these terms and conditions. We conduct fair transactions based on rules.

I - Product Compatibility

(1) Please research for yourself and ensure that the part you are purchasing is compatible with your vehicle prior to ordering.

(2) There are two categories of Suzuki Jimny in Japan; the Kei-car and the Sierra. The Kei-car (JB64, 23, JA22, 12, 11, 71, SJ30) has a 660cc or 550cc engine. The Sierra (JB74, 43, 33, 32, 31, JA51, SJ40) has a 1.5L or 1.3L engine, which is the same as the international models that are also known as the SAMURAI or the SJ413.

(3) Our products are designed for RHD (right-hand drive) vehicles which are sold in the Japanese Domestic Market (JDM), and accordingly our products are designed for use in Japan. Although we are aware that most of our products also fit global models and LHD (left-hand drive) vehicles, and that our products have been installed without issue on such vehicles, our products are not designed for use outside of Japan. Accordingly, we make no warranty or guarantee regarding the suitability or compatibility of our products outside of Japan.

(4) It should be noted that the same model of vehicle may have slightly different specifications depending on the country or region due to the local environment or laws. We do not test the compatibility of our products with Jimny vehicles sold in countries and regions outside of Japan. In addition, neither we nor the manufacturer of our products have ever installed any of our products on Jimny models outside of Japan.

(5) In most cases, data regarding the compatibility of products made by different suppliers is not available. For example, we have not tested the combination of a bumper from Company A and a muffler from Company B, so we do not guarantee the compatibility of combinations.

(6) Although our shop and the manufacturers have a variety of compatibility information, there may be cases where it cannot be installed due to reasons that are unpredictable to our shop or the manufacturers, such as individual vehicle differences or changes in specifications. You may contact us if you have any concerns or questions about compatibility. However, please note that we may not be able to answer inquiries about compatibility in many cases.

II - Product Installation and Use

(1) Our products are not designed for use outside of Japan. Therefore, most of our products come with instruction manuals in Japanese only. Please check the manuals thoroughly and completely before beginning installation. Some instruction manuals include photos, so an experienced person may be able to install the products by looking at the photos. However, we recommend that our products be installed by an experienced professional. We will accept no responsibility for parts incorrectly installed.

(2) Although our products have been used outside of Japan without any problem, we do not guarantee that our products can be used internationally or will pass local inspections. We and our suppliers do not guarantee successful installation and use, which is entirely at the purchaser’s own risk. Also, please note that our products are not designed for use on public roads outside of Japan.

(3) Off-road driving and racing are activities that have risks. Our products are manufactured by Japan's leading manufacturers with due attention to safety, but we do not guarantee safety. Safe driving is the responsibility of the driver of the vehicle, which requires effort and attention. Please note that we will not be held responsible for any damage caused by unsafe driving.

III - Used Products

We will inform you as much as possible about the condition and compatibility of used products prior to ordering. However, we cannot guarantee anything after purchasing. Please note that due to the characteristics of used products, the condition may be worse than expected, or the compatibility may differ from the expected. Also, used products cannot be canceled or returned after placing the order.

IV - Refunds

Refunds are issued in the form of the original payment. We will provide a refund for the value of the purchased item in the same form as the original payment. Refunds may take between 5-15 business days to process once an item has been delivered to our warehouse. All payments and refunds are made in Japanese yen. It is the buyer's responsibility to be aware that the money refunded might not equal the money paid in the original currency due to fluctuations in the exchange rate.

V - Warranty

(1) Please check the products yourself when the package is delivered. You must contact us within  7 days of the delivery date of the goods if the product is defective.

(2) Our products are only of the highest quality, carefully selected, and are all fully tested to Japanese standards. While we believe our products are durable, we do not take any responsibility for product failure, repair, or damage resulting from use. Buyers and users of the products are responsible for the risks associated with installation and use. Furthermore, we are not responsible for any products that are passed on to a third party, including products that are provided to a mechanic for installation or passed to the shipping company or agent which the buyer arranged.

(3) Our products are made by leading Japanese manufacturers and are guaranteed by the manufacturers. However, the manufacturer's warranty is often limited to Japan. Please note that the buyer may be responsible for the shipping charges to and from Japan even if the manufacturer's warranty applies due to a fault or recall. Customer satisfaction is important to us, but please understand that due to the nature of international transactions, in some cases it may be difficult to provide the same level of support as in Japan.

VI - Design

(1) The colors of the products in the photos or the videos may look different from the actual products depending on the condition of the photos, camera settings, and the type of displays. Due to the characteristics of the online shop, it is impossible to perfectly convey all the colors and features of the products. In particular, we are unable to answer inquiries regarding colors, as individual perceptions vary greatly.

(2) The specifications and designs of the listed products may be subject to change for improvement. Product descriptions may contain typographical errors. Items other than major changes in specifications or major typographical errors are not covered by the warranty.

VII - Cancellation

(1) It is possible to cancel your order even after placing the order in some cases. However, please note the following conditions. If you have any concerns about possibly needing to cancel an order, please contact us prior to completing the purchase.

(2) Pre-orders and made-to-order products cannot be canceled after placing the order. 

(3) Manufacturer's stock products cannot be cancelled usually. If the manufacturer has the product in stock, we will proceed with ordering and shipping arrangements immediately after your order is placed. In these cases, cancellation is not possible. However, if the manufacturer does not have the product in stock, we will notify you after you place your order. We may be able to cancel your order within 48 hours after that. If you don't contact us within 48 hours, we will proceed with the order and shipping arrangements. In this case, cancellation is not possible.

(4) Products other than those above can be canceled before they are shipped.

(5) Please aware that we will charge a cancellation fee of 4% of the order value in any case. Even if the reason for cancellation is due to the delivery date or shipping fee, the cancellation fee will be charged.

(6) If we cannot procure the product, such as because it has been discontinued, we may cancel your order. In this case, there will be no cancellation fee and you will receive a full refund.

(7) Cancellation may not be possible after shipment in most cases. In that case, please check the procedures for "Returns" below. Even if it is possible to cancel your order after shipment, shipping charges will not be refunded.

VIII - Returns

(1) We trust that you will be satisfied with our products. However, we may accept returns in some cases. You must contact us within 7 days of the delivery date of the goods if you wish to return them. Items must be in new condition and returned in their original packaging within 14 days of the delivery date of the goods.

(2) If the item you received differs significantly from your order or if there is any apparent defective product, it can be returned. The product price will be refunded, including the round-trip shipping cost and taxes. In that case, you should hold on to the products, packaging materials, and package boxes. However, please note that there may be a partial or full refund of the product price in some cases instead of a replacement. Manufacturers often change specifications without notice. A refund may not be accepted in the case of slight specification changes, except when the specifications of the product are completely changed. Please note that even if the customer returns the product to our shop with what they consider to be a defective product, all shipping costs and taxes will be borne by the customer if the manufacturer or our shop does not identify it as a defective product.

(3) If the buyer wishes to return the product for any reason other than those above, or if the item is returned due to customs regulations, or the item is undeliverable or refused upon delivery, then the buyer shall be responsible for all return shipping costs. Also, if the buyer purchases a product without checking its compatibility with the car, then the buyer is liable for all return postage costs. We will only refund the cost of the product and not the shipping fees and taxes.

(4) We will not accept returns on products that show any evidence of use. The same applies to products that have been installed or were attempted to be installed. However, in some cases we may accept the return of a used product in exchange for a partial refund of the purchase price. Please consult with us.

(5) Returning products to our shop can be arranged by the buyer or by our shop. However, please note that if we arrange the return shipping, the cost will be slightly higher than the shipping fee at the time of purchase. If we arrange the return, we will process the exemption of import duties and taxes at the time of return, so such duties and taxes will not be charged in Japan in many cases. However, import duties and taxes may occur in Japan if the buyer arranges the return. In that case, please note that they will be billed to the buyer later.

(6) Even if the customer returns the product to us in new condition, we may offer only a partial refund of the product price in some cases if we or the manufacturer identifies the product as not being in new condition. For example, even if the product is unused, or if the package is damaged or has been opened, repacking costs, etc. will be incurred, and only a partial refund will be offered.

(7) Pre-orders, manufacturer's stock, and made-to-order products cannot be returned. 

IX - Payment

Payment shall be made by a credit or debit card or bank transfer. All cards are processed via secure server technology and are subject to validation and authorization by both the card issuer and us. We do not hold onto your card details. This ensures that we maintain a safe and secure payment process. You can also pay via PayPal, Google Pay, Apple Pay, or Shop Pay. All payments are made in Japanese yen (JPY). It is the buyer's responsibility to be aware of fluctuations in the exchange rate.

X - Bank Transfer

(1) International bank transfers are a bit complex and involve numerous fees. All of these are the buyer's responsibility. The invoiced amount is not the amount the customer pays or the amount of remittance, but the amount ultimately credited to our shop. Please note our shop will not be able to ship or place orders until the invoice amount is received in full.

(2) Depending on the bank you use, you may not be able to pay some of the fees when you make a bank transfer. In this case, the amount invoiced and the amount actually received by our store may differ, and these differences will be the responsibility of the buyer. When making a transfer at the bank, be sure to check whether the buyer can cover all fees. If you are unable to cover part of the cost, please let us know. We will charge you an additional amount to cover these fees. Especially, the receiving fee (about 4,000-8,000 JPY) may not be able to be borne by the payer in some cases. Please let us know in this case. We will charge it in advance.

(3) The other fees such as payment fees and exchange fees are all the buyer's responsibility. If the remittance is made in a currency other than Japanese yen, additional fees may be incurred. Some of these receiving fees will not be incurred for domestic remittances.

(4) In the case of bank transfer, the cancellation fee will be 4% plus an additional 10,000 yen per transaction.

XI - Tax

(1) Import duties, taxes, and charges are not included in the item price or shipping charges. These charges are the buyer's responsibility. Please check with your country's customs office to determine what these additional costs will be prior to buying. These charges are normally collected by the delivering freight (shipping) company when the package is picked up.

(2) If the item is returned to Japan due to the buyer not paying the import duties, taxes, or charges, then it is the buyer’s responsibility to cover all return shipping costs. We will only refund the cost of the product and not shipping fees. In some cases, please note that the buyer is responsible for both the shipping cost from Japan to the buyer's country and the return shipping cost from the buyer's country to Japan.

XII - Delivery

(1) Shipping is door-to-door service. Our experienced international shipping team and the shipping company are happy to deliver the products you are purchasing directly to your address. We are available to help and support the delivery. However, any delivery is all the shipping company's responsibility, and any receiving is all purchaser's responsibility.

(2) Shipping and delivery will be done based on the shipping company's terms and conditions. We are not responsible for losses incurred as the result of delayed shipment, or non-delivery by any carrier for any reason. It may be necessary to make arrangements for redelivery in some cases such as if delivery is not possible due to absence, etc., and these responsibilities rest with the consignee (purchaser).

(3) If you wish to ship our products to an address that is not your private home such as the hotel where you are staying, etc., please contact them and make sure they can receive the delivery before you proceed with your purchase. For example, your room number, dates to stay, and reservation name may be required on the shipping label depending on the hotel's policy.

XIII - Customs Clearance Procedures

(1) The shipping company usually carries out most of the import and customs clearance procedures and payments for the import duties and taxes. However, please understand that import and customs clearance procedures are the importer's (purchaser’s) responsibility. Please note that certain countries may have import restrictions. Also, importers must have an import license in some countries. We can help with these, but the final responsibility rests with the purchaser.

(2) If the item is returned to Japan due to import restrictions, or inadequate import procedures, then it is the buyer's responsibility to cover all return shipping costs. We will only refund the cost of the product and not the shipping fees. In some cases, please note that the buyer is responsible for both the shipping cost from Japan to the buyer's country and the return shipping cost from the buyer's country to Japan.

XIV - Stock

(1) More than half of our products are stocked in our warehouse. We will usually ship them within 1-3 business days after confirmation of your payment. However, some of the following products are not stocked in our warehouse.

i- Large-size products: Some large-size products such as bumpers, mufflers, suspension kits, wheels, and roof racks are manufacturer's stock and our shop will order them after your purchase, so the order will take 4-7 days to ship.

ii- Pre-order sale products: Some wheels are pre-order sales and the orders may take 3-6 months or more to ship.

iii- Made-to-order products: The orders will take a few weeks to ship.

iv- Others: Some products are on backorder and the orders may take several weeks or more to ship.

(2) If your order will take more than four business days to ship, we will contact you after your purchase to inform you of the shipping date. We strive to have orders delivered as soon as possible, and we thank you for your patience. However, the arrival and shipping schedules are approximate and may be delayed depending on the situation. We are not responsible for losses incurred as the result of delayed shipment, or non-delivery by any carrier for any reason.

(3) Even if the product description does not state that the item is the manufacturer's stock or out of stock, they are out of stock in some cases. We are sorry, but in recent years, we have been reducing our physical inventory of products for Jimny that were manufactured before 2018. Many of these products may be in the manufacturer's stock and can still be ordered but will require extra time to ship. We also sell on other sites, and our stock is constantly changing.

(4) Some of the products we listed have been discontinued and sold out in very rare cases. We cannot ship these products in that case, therefore, we will refund you.

XV - Shipping Cost

(1) We charge nearly the same shipping fee as the actual shipping charges. We do not profit from shipping fees. Therefore, if multiple products are purchased at the same time, shipping fees will be lower than purchasing them separately. Also, as we have access to good rates, our shipping fee is usually cheaper than the purchaser arranging shipment. 

(2) Our shipping cost calculation system automatically calculates the shipping cost based on the EMS shipping rate and the shipping quotes for carts are estimates. Our shipping cost calculation system is not guaranteed. If shipping by EMS is not possible, or in the case of orders for multiple large-size products, there may be additional shipping charges. Shipping may be delayed if services to the area are temporarily suspended or otherwise difficult.

XVI - Shipping Companies

(1) Orders will be shipped by EMS (Express Mail Service), DHL, UPS, or FedEx which track all products. Our experienced international shipping team chooses the best shipping company depending on the situation.

(2) EMS's shipping fees are determined by weight, and the fees of DHL, UPS, and FedEx are determined by size or weight. Also, oversize charges and size restrictions vary by company. In case the package is small or heavy, there is little difference in shipping costs depending on the shipping company. Therefore, we ship via DHL, UPS, or FedEx in most of these cases, because they are faster and better quality than EMS. In fact, more than 50% of our packages are currently shipped by DHL. However, depending on the destination, the shape of the package, etc., some packages are shipped by UPS, FedEx, or EMS. Also, if the package is light, but it is large, the cost of DHL, UPS, or FedEx will be much higher than EMS. In that case, your package will be shipped by EMS.

(3) If you would like a specific shipping company, please inform us at the time of purchase. Please note that there may be an additional shipping cost depending on the company. Our shipping team chooses the shipping company depending on the situation if you don't notify us about using a specific shipping company.

(4) The service quality and delivery speed of DHL, UPS, and FedEx are almost the same, but in our experience, we feel DHL may be superior in many cases. However, the situation differs depending on the destination country/region, the size of the package, etc. Please contact your local shipping company and do your own research for details.

(5) EMS size restrictions are stricter than those of other companies, so large items such as bumpers or roof racks cannot be shipped by EMS. These items will be shipped via DHL, UPS, or FedEx.

XVII - Shipping Method

(1) Our experienced international shipping team chooses the best shipping method depending on the situation. If multiple items are purchased at the same time, the items may be shipped separately depending on the situation. Additionally, if multiple orders are placed at approximately the same time, they may be combined and shipped at the same time. If you would like a specific shipping method, please inform us at the time of purchase. Please note that there may be an additional shipping cost depending on the shipping method. Our shipping team will choose the shipping method if you don't notify us about a specific shipping method.

(2) If the item is returned to Japan due to the buyer not paying the import duties, taxes, or charges, then it is the buyer’s responsibility to cover all return shipping costs. We will only refund the cost of the product and not shipping fees. In some cases, please note that the buyer is responsible for both the shipping cost from Japan to the buyer's country and the return shipping cost from the buyer's country to Japan. Also, even if the buyer refuses to pay these import duties, taxes, or charges, they might have already been paid by the shipping company in some cases. In such cases, it is the buyer’s responsibility to cover all these import duties, taxes, or charges, even if the item is returned to Japan.

(3) Your order will not ship until all products can be sent together in many cases if you purchase multiple products and one or more of the products are out of stock. If you would like only the products in stock soon, please contact us. We can ship them separately, however, please note there is an additional shipping cost if your order is shipped in two parts.

XVIII - Shipping Address Restrictions

Due to security reasons, the shipping address cannot be changed after placing the order in some cases. In certain areas, shipping has been temporarily suspended, or delivery to certain areas might be difficult at the present. We cannot ship to US military bases (APO/FPO) due to security reasons in some cases. Also, we cannot ship to PO Boxes in certain countries.

XIV - Domestic Shipping in Japan

We also ship products to addresses in Japan. If your shipping address is in Japan, the orders will be shipped by Japan Post, SAGAWA, YAMATO, or SEINO which track all products. Please note that the purchaser will be fully responsible for any subsequent international shipment of the products. Procedures such as submitting a certificate may be required in some cases, but we do not issue receipts or certifications. In addition, some products are shipped directly from the manufacturer if the shipping address is in Japan, and the packaging used may not be suitable for international shipping. There may be additional shipping costs to deliver to private homes.

XV - Shipping Hazardous Materials

Japan has strict export regulations and air transport safety standards which makes it difficult to export gas dampers such as shock absorbers or door dampers from Japan. These items cannot be shipped via EMS due to their dangerous goods regulations. However, we have a manufacturer's safety certificate and we have FedEx, UPS, and DHL accounts, so we are exporting gas dampers worldwide from Japan. However, please note that certain countries have import restrictions. Furthermore, the purchaser will be fully responsible if they undertake shipment of our products themselves.

XVI - Badges

Our products are marked with badges based on our experience or manufacturers' tests. These are assigned based on the following criteria, and we hope that they will be helpful to you when purchasing products. However, please note that these standards do not guarantee condition or customer satisfaction. Also, for products such as interior and exterior products that are subject to individual preferences, "Heavy-duty" may be indicated, but "Recommended" is not indicated. All our products are well-selected, high-quality, and reliable ones only. Please choose these products based on what you like.

(1) Recommended: These are excellent products that are recognized by our staff, the manufacturer, and many people in the Jimny industry.

(2) Highly Recommended: Highly recommended products among the above. We recommend them with confidence.

(3) Staff Pick: Their usefulness to you will vary, depending on your preferences and needs. However, they are a favorite of some of our staff and some Jimny enthusiasts.

(4) Heavy-duty: The products are more durable than similar products from other companies. Strong enough for general off-road driving.

(5) Extra Heavy-duty: The extremely durable products that can be also recommended for various off-road races or intense off-road adventures.

(6) Waterproof: The products that meet dustproof and waterproof standards (IP68 or IP67) by the manufacturers' test.

XVII - Disclaimer

(1) Seller warrants to Buyer that the product will materially conform to the specifications set forth in the description. 

(2) Except for the warranty set forth above, Seller makes no warranty whatsoever with respect to the product, including any (A) warranty of merchantability; or (B) warranty of fitness for a particular purpose: whether arising by law, course of dealing, course of performance, usage of trade or otherwise.

(3) Buyer shall defend, indemnify and hold Seller harmless from and against any and all claims, loss, damages, liabilities (including settlements entered into in good faith), costs, and expenses (including reasonable attorneys' fees) incurred by Seller in connection with personal injury (including death) or damage to property caused by any use of the product.