A Jimny made a terrible accident in Japan.


A few days ago, in Hokkaido, Japan, there was an accident in which a tire came off of a Jimny while it was driving, colliding with a 4-year-old girl who was walking on the sidewalk. The girl is unconscious and in critical condition, and this is a very tragic accident.

The cause of the accident is under investigation by police, but in the news video, all the nuts came off, and our staff currently assumes that the wheel came off due to forgetting to tighten the nuts. This can occur with any vehicle, regardless of whether it has been modified or not, and regardless of the type of vehicle. However, as far as our staff has seen in the news, this Jimny was on the public road in an obviously illegally modified state that would not pass Japan's vehicle inspection. The causal relationship between this illegal modification and the accident is unknown, but there are a few possible causes of the accident.

1. Poor maintenance such as loose nuts.
2. There were problems with the quality or safety of the installed modified parts.
3. There were problems with the modification methods.

The new Jimny released in 2018 is popular all over the world, and many aftermarket products have been released. Our store carefully selects and sells only high-quality, high-performance, and reliable products. We do not sell illegal products that do not comply with strict Japanese vehicle inspections. However, the current situation is that there are some products on the Internet that are considered to be of poor quality and unreliable. Once again, we'd like to ask all Jimny enthusiasts to pay close attention to the following points.

1. Request installation, maintenance, and regular inspection to a qualified mechanic, especially a professional with extensive experience in maintaining 4WD vehicles.
2. Comply with the regulations, rules, and laws of the country or region where you live.
3. Purchase high-quality, reliable, and highly safe products only.

Our store supports everyone's enjoyable Jimny life. Lastly, we would like to wish the girl involved in the accident a speedy recovery and ask everyone to drive safely.

Team Compass Auto Japan

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