We marked our products with badges.


Our products are marked with badges based on our experience or manufacturers' tests. These are assigned based on the following criteria, and we hope that they will be helpful to you when purchasing products. However, please note that these standards do not guarantee condition or customer satisfaction. Also, for products such as interior and exterior products that are subject to individual preferences, "Heavy-duty" may be indicated, but "Recommended" is not indicated. All our products are well-selected, high-quality, and reliable ones only. Please choose these products based on what you like.

- Recommended: These are excellent products that are recognized by our staff, the manufacturers, and many people in the Jimny industry.
- Highly Recommended: Highly recommended products among the above. We recommend them with confidence.
- Heavy-duty: The products are more durable than similar products from other companies. Strong enough for general off-road driving.
- Extra Heavy-duty: The extremely durable products that can be also recommended for various off-road races or intense off-road adventures.
- Waterproof: The products that meet IP68 dustproof and waterproof standards by the manufacturers' test.

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